Thanks for coming to our first AFTERWERK

Yesterday we celebrated out first AFTERWERK, the afterwork event for those in the start-up or creative environment.

Although the official start time was 18.30, we had to open the doors to our WERK1 Café at 18.20, the first afterwerkers were already waiting! We are very grateful for the positive response we have received to this very first afterwork event.

Afterwerk - Erste Besucher

The party started shy at first, but the free first two drinks helped everyone to talk to others they didn’t know and soon people were engaged in intriguing conversations and exchanges of ideas.

Those who were on their way to launch a new idea or just built a start-up, enjoyed talking to WERK1 residents and mentors who advised about the best first steps and usual problem that arise when starting a business.
We were positively surprised but some of the ideas future entrepreneurs brought with them and we can confirm that the future of digital entrepreneurship in Munich looks very promising.


A popular spot at the event was our buffet filled with delicious fingerfood. Sandwiches, wraps, tomato mozzarella,  double chicken sticks, meatballs…. There was something for everyone!


This afterwork was also a great opportunity for those thinking about applying to our InsurTech Accelerator Program. They could ask all their questions about the program, meet the WERK1 team, the installations and some of the program sponsors. In fact, it was very easy to spot the insurers, they were the only ones wearing suits!



You can find all the pictures here, at our Facebook Page.