How much time ahead do I need to apply for an office?
WERK1 gets a lot of requests for offices, so if you need a new office during one month this can be difficult. You should apply as soon as you know that you need a office. The procedure can take 1-2 months.

Can I just come by and take a look at the Coworkingspace or do I need to take an appointment?
We now offer guided tours and you can register for one here.

Are there opening hours for the building?
The WERK1 Café is open Monday-Friday during 9am and 6pm. During this time the WERK1 team also is available for any questions. As a Member (Coworking) you get your own key, so you can work whenever you need to.

Is there a phone service available?
We don’t offer phone service.

Does my membership start at the 1st of the month?
You can start your membership whenever you’re ready. It must not start at the 1st of the month.

Can guests and clients visit me at WERK1?
Of course they can! Best meetingpoint for guests is at the WERK1 Café. You don’t need to register them at the Café, only if you take them with you to the Coworkingspace, please let us know.