WERK1 Academy: Workshop “Tech” by Johann Romefort

“Scaling your startup from prototype to production”

From POC to prototype to MVP to production to large scale


Johann will go through the different stages in the life of a startup, both from a technical and human perspective. From his experience as a co-founder and CTO of a Silicon Valley startup, he’ll provide insights on the common pitfalls to avoid, strategies learned the hard way and tactics to give your company the best chances of survival.

He’ll first cover the technical challenges of doing a startup, how they connect to the human challenges, and he’ll go through the numerous mistakes and #fail moments of his entrepreneur’s life.

Finally Johann will talk about one of the hardest problem when it comes to scaling your startup: finding the right talents. From his experience as a tech evangelist, he’ll uncover the tactics that worked for him and will explain why building your own network should be seen as a vital aspect of building your business.




  • The craziness of doing a startup.
  • Defining POC/Prototype/MVP/Production
  • Early decisions that turn into mistakes that can kill your company
  • Later decisions that can kill your team or even startup
  • Microservices or monolith?
  • Cheat sheet
  • Managing expectations (your own and others)
  • Due Diligences for Series A
  • Scaling your team


More Information about Johann:


Johann has been in the tech industry for almost 20 years, where he first built prototypes for various startups before co-founding Seesmic in 2007 which was later acquired by Hootsuite in 2012. After 7 years in San Francisco, Johann moved to Munich where he now works as a Tech Evangelist, fulfilling his passion to build communities.


These days Johann is mainly busy contributing to the local Munich tech scene, connecting people and being a mentor for young startups. He’s the organiser of numerous meetups (Machine Learning, Docker, Blockchain Technology, Fail Meetup…) and also the chief organiser of the deep tech conference Daho.am which gathered 750 attendees this year on topics such as Robotics, Mobility, A.I and IoT.




About WERK1 Academy

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