Game Audio Muc – Stammtisch

Every 2nd Wednesday each month we meet for an informal Stammtisch. This meeting is for everyone who wants to get in touch with other Game Audio People around Munich and chat about interactive Audio, Middleware, Sound Effects, Music and of course Games!

This time we’ll meet at WERK1 where Yannick Süß will give a talk about his Game Audio Industry Survey.[1]

„What is a reasonable compensation regarding my experience in game audio? Should I go for an academic degree in music? If you ever mulled over questions like these, this session about the game audio industry is just the thing for you. Yannick conducted an extensive survey about the labor market and business and working practices and compared the findings with other available industry data. In this session, Yannick will present the findings and talk about important developments and the current state of the game audio sector in general. We will discuss compensation, education, business and working practices and other topics.“

Looking forward to seeing you there!