Bitcoin Munich Meetup


We welcome Tone Vays and Aaron Koenig in Munich — two legends of the space that we’re extremely happy to have on this date!

Our guests will give talks about their main fields of activity. We’ll learn about the Austrian School of Economics, which has seen a significant revival with the emergence of Bitcoin, and about certain intricacies of Bitcoin trading, its price history and the actual impact on the global economy it may already have.

And while Tone and Aaron share very similar political views as big proponents of economic and social liberty, they have very different opinions on the sense or nonsense of various altcoins. So let’s seize this opportunity and dig a little bit deeper here in the second part of the evening. Both speakers are independently travelling through Europe for conferences and meetups, but nowhere else they’ll be confronted with each other like here in Munich. :)

Target Audience: General crypto-currency enthusiasts and everyone wanting to learn about trading and economics.