2nd Board Game Night ’17

Let’s get together and play our favorite board games! This event is open for everyone who would like to hang out, chat and play. Old games, new games, prototypes. Old friends and new aquaintances. Developers, designers and hobbyists. Everyone is welcome!

Your job:
– Show up at around 19:00.
– Bring your favorite physical game(s) if you have any. This is not mandatory but without games there’s nothing to play.
– Bring some snacks or anything else to sustain your for a long evening.

We’ll provide:
– A relaxed environment to play games in small and large groups (the WERK 1 Café).
– Drinks. Which you have to pay for yourself.
– A couple games we like in case you want to try something else.

Time table:
– At 19:00 we’ll open the doors.
– At 19:30 we’ll give everyone the chance to pitch the audience on what games they want to play so that new groups can form. This is not mandatory. You can also just sneak around and sit down with anyone you like. =D
– For the rest of the night we’ll play games, change groups and play more games. Until we get sleepy and go home. Easy.

Questions and answers:

Can I come if I don’t have any games to bring?
Yes! We’ll make sure that everybody finds a group of like minded board-gamers and a game to play.

Can I bring my regular board game group(s)?
Yes! The more, the merrier. Mingle as much or little with everyone else as you want. Use the +1 option when signing up as a group.

I do not work in games – can I come?
Yes! This event is open for anyone who likes playing board games. You’re welcome if this is the first time you play a board game this decade. And you’re also welcome if you design games for a living.

Can I bring my own unfinished board games & prototypes?
Yes! Anything that you’d like to play or that you would like others to play.

Can I bring a card game / pen & paper / tabletop game / something else?
Yes! Bring whatever you enjoy playing or what you’d think others would enjoy. There’s no definition on what makes a board game for us.

Image credit: vizzual.com / flickr